Liars’ League Leeds does International Short Story Day!

On June 20, LLL went across town to Leeds’ fabulous White Cloth Gallery to put on a special show for International Short Story Day (in association with the lovely folk at Comma Press).

Here’s Rose Condo reading ‘Juice’, by Katy Darby:

Juice, by Katy Darby

They always came in the morning, cheerful like Mammy, bustling and rustling and smelling of soap and iodine. Get up Laney, rise and shine, time for your juice. Just like Momma did when I was small, calling me down for my juice and cereal; Cap’n Crunch on weekends, or when I’d been real good. I made the nurses call it juice; it sounded nicer that way. Reminded me of sunshine on oranges, of commercials full of people with clean eyes and happy teeth. This juice is like medicine; you don’t got to like it but you got to take it…

Read the whole story.

And this is Matthew Lewney reading ‘Ten Green Bottles’, by Sam Carter:

Ten Green Bottles, by Sam Carter

He’d been saving up since he heard. At first he couldn’t do anything, just lay curled under his duvet or on his sofa, staring at things; the wall, the blank TV, the congealing washing-up in the sink. But then he’d thought, fuck it. It’s a long weekend, only one way to make it shorter. No flag-waving with the family; not even an away-from it all coupley city-break for him. He wandered the narrow striplit horseshoe of Evan’s crammed shop, planning his strategy: a case of Rolling Rock to start with, main course two bottles of Bulgarian wine (both colours) for a fiver, and pills for dessert. There was even half a bottle of Gordon’s and some Tia Maria for coffee and liqueurs. Sorted…

Read the rest of the story here.

And here’s Esther Cleverly’s ‘Trouble With Moles’, read by Jane Hollington:

Trouble with Moles, by Esther Cleverly

 Nathan comes every Wednesday after school, to teach her chemistry. At least, that’s what her parents think. That’s what he thinks too. And she’s learning some chemistry. Slowly. But what she’s mostly learning is that he isn’t like other boys…

You can (and should) read rest of the story here.


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