Write for us!

Want to join the ranks of our ever-growing army of writers? Want to have your work performed by our troupe of amazing actors? Want to bring up to 2,000 words’ worth of joy to the good people of Leeds?

We should think so too.

The first rule of Liars’ League Leeds is: no poetry. Sorry.

The second rule of Liars’ League Leeds is: no fewer than 800 and no more than 2,000 words, please. MS Word is our storytelling software of choice.

Our themes for 2015 are as follows. You can interpret each theme as creatively as you like. So get cracking! We’ll look forward to reading your work…

May: Insult & Injury: Hit us with your best shot by midnight on May 1.

July: Man & Beast: Midnight on June 26 for this one.

September: Sticks & Stones: By the end of August 28, please. 

November: Death & Taxes: The window slams shut at midnight on October 30.

Christmas: Innocence & Experience: By 00:00 hours on Saturday, November 28, if you’d be so good. 


3 responses to “Write for us!

  1. This sounds brilliant! What a crackin’ idea! I shall certainly have a look and see if I have anything that fits the themes. 🙂

  2. Thinking ahead…Do we know when the winning stories will be performed?

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